St Francis of Assisi - Llay

Christ the King - Rossett

Llay-Rossett Parish Wrexham, North Wales
Wednesday Club

The Wednesday Club was established by Margaret and the late Geoff Thompson about 20 years ago (when Fr Owen Hardwick was parish priest) in response to the need of the elderly, housebound and lonely of the parish for social time and friendship. We extended our invitation to the parishioners of St Martin of Tours to come and join us which they did and we are still going strong!

We meet fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon between 1.30 and 4.30 p.m.  In the very beginning we provided a hot cooked lunch but then changed it to afternoon tea.  The format for the afternoon begins with the praying of the Rosary for the needs of the sick and housebound and others in the both parishes. We then play a game or two of Fun Bingo, followed by a nice cup of tea and lots of cakes and sausage rolls provided by the members and volunteers, chat and social time, a small raffle which goes towards the running costs and end up with a Quiz which is good for our brains and teamwork!! We have such fun, fellowship and friendship and anyone is welcome to join us.

We hold a Christmastide Lunch in early January and a Summer Lunch in July.  We do not meet in August.

Transport is arranged or provided by parishioners either by car, taxi or bus to bring the members. We have an average of 20 people regularly attending but on our register we have up to 50 names. Parishioners can come when they wish to and when they feel well enough to attend.

Our leader is Mrs Margaret Thompson who ensures everything runs like clockwork!  The members themselves help to run the Club in any way that they feel that they can, by being Rosary Leaders, Quizmasters, Bingo Callers and Checkers, Raffle organisers, and refreshments makers.  We have even got a Lottery Syndicate still waiting for the Big One!

Seriously, the club is purely a social and fun time together which gives the opportunity for those who find it difficult to attend Church through ill health and frailty and for them to be part of the community.


Margaret’s little ditty


Next Meeting

Meets next on Wednesday (25th) and fortnightly for most of the year, at 1.30pm for 2.00pm – a lovely, relaxing and enjoyable few hours. Do come along and join us.

Strawberry Tea July 19 2017